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King Memorial

King Memorial, a photo by aw-photo on Flickr. Memorial complex of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Triangular Fortress

Another magnificent architectural piece that I was too lazy to find out the name of. It looks like there would be gold bricks inside. This structure is in downtown Atlanta, surrounded by the Georgia State University campus, which is sprinkled all over central downtown.


Found this digging through some of my old architecture shots. I love to shoot Architecture with wide glass as these corporate buildings appear to reach skyward.

Midtown Blues

Midtown Blues, originally uploaded by aw-photo. HDR just has a way of bringing to the eye, an extra level of beauty, vibrancy and character to almost everything around us. Architecture, especally those seemingly enclosed in glass, are one of my favorite HDR targets. The vibrant blueness of this HDR rendition just stuck out at me.
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Clearly Dynamic

Clearly Dynamic, originally uploaded by aw-photo. Spectacular condominium in dowtown Atlanta peircing the overcast sky.

Steamhouse Lounge

Steamhouse Lounge, originally uploaded by aw-photo. Love this restaurant! The food is great with a unique look and feel. This is actually the first HDR shot I’ve ever done with my circular polarizer. I’m very pleased with the results. If you are downtown near spring street and hungry, you may want to give them a
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