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Midtown Blues

Midtown Blues, originally uploaded by aw-photo. HDR just has a way of bringing to the eye, an extra level of beauty, vibrancy and character to almost everything around us. Architecture, especally those seemingly enclosed in glass, are one of my favorite HDR targets. The vibrant blueness of this HDR rendition just stuck out at me.
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Clearly Dynamic

Clearly Dynamic, originally uploaded by aw-photo. Spectacular condominium in dowtown Atlanta peircing the overcast sky.

Steamhouse Lounge

Steamhouse Lounge, originally uploaded by aw-photo. Love this restaurant! The food is great with a unique look and feel. This is actually the first HDR shot I’ve ever done with my circular polarizer. I’m very pleased with the results. If you are downtown near spring street and hungry, you may want to give them a
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Norfolk Southern 1000

Norfolk Southern 1000, originally uploaded by aw-photo. NS1000 engine and her sisters doing work at the downtown Atlanta railyard.

Retired Pullman

Retired Pullman, originally uploaded by aw-photo. Retired Pullman from the Georgia Railway Museum in Duluth, GA. This image was my submission in the Museum’s photographic competition. All submitted images will be displayed during an exhibit during February and March 2010. Winners will be announced April 10, 2010. For more information, visit and support

ATL – Blackened Sky

ATL – Blackened Sky, originally uploaded by aw-photo. The Atlanta skyline is a very elusive beauty to capture. This is because many of the overpasses are inaccessible and rooftops are simply impossible to gain access to. But, as you can see here, I finally found a sweet spot.