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The Hard Way

The Hard Way, a photo by aw-photo on Flickr. Football action between the local middle school Colts and Patriots

Rise up

I stood in awe watching this cowboy effortlessly exert command and control of several beautiful horses.

Triangular Fortress

Another magnificent architectural piece that I was too lazy to find out the name of. It looks like there would be gold bricks inside. This structure is in downtown Atlanta, surrounded by the Georgia State University campus, which is sprinkled all over central downtown.


A Snapshot of countryside tranquility.

Overcast Farm

Overcast Farm, a photo by aw-photo on Flickr. A tree sits in the middle of a vast section of farm, under an overcast sky.

Doria Roberts

Doria Roberts is a musically talented artist in Atlanta, GA.  I had the pleasure of enjoying her music, a brilliant mix of folk, rock, jazz and pop.  Doria is active in the Atlanta community, supporting various groups, and causes. She has been known to frequent UrbanCannibals, recently giving a free mini-concert in celebration of her
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